Trippie Redd quotes and sayings, lyrics [2022]

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Trippie Redd is a well-known American singer, rapper, and songwriter. His full name is Michael Lamar White IV. He is mostly known for his songs Dark Knight Dummo” and “Topanga”.

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Trippie Redd quotes [2022]

“ Baby, your love is my medicine, when I’m up, bring me down.” Trippie Redd

“ I can waste your time or I can change your life, I said now.” Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd quotes
Quotes by Trippie Redd

“ Shawty, I just want your love for a minute

I will be captain baby, you can be lieutenant

Swear I lose my mind every time that I’m in it

You won’t get a dime, Nah, no, not mine.” Trippie Redd

“We don’t rap beef, man

We slide, man, we drill people, man.” Trippie Redd

“Ooh, baby, I need you in my life, in my life

Please, bae, don’t go switchin’ sides, switchin’ sides.” Trippie Redd

“ The money sits long, it’s elastic.

I don’t know what planet I’m on (I’m on Mars).” Trippie Redd

“ Man, it’s big brack, know the deal

Man, it’s big slatt, you know the deal

Draco a big dragon, fire hell.” Trippie Redd

You used to say you in love

I used to say that sh*t back

Taking that sh*t from the heart

Now look where the fu*k where we at

Girl, you got me just going out bad

Love scars and you got me real sad

Lookin’ like you had a past

I was hoping that sh*t was gon’ last. Trippie Redd

“Time is of the essence

Girl, you gotta be patient, you gotta be patient

Time is of the essence, you know time is of the essence.” Trippie Redd

Bit*h, I’m ballin’ hard just like a Maverick

Money stretch long, lil’ bit*h, like elastic

Now that bit*h steady callin’ me Mr. Fantastic Trippie Redd

“We a different kind, and we are at different times.” Trippie Redd

“Fallin’ in love when it all ain’t right (All ain’t right, yeah).”Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd quotes
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“Okay, and this is for every rapper that had a shot at sendin’ me

Your efforts ain’t getting you anywhere in this industry.” Trippie Redd

All my life I been limitless, nig*a never had a limit

Yeah, rollin’ around in the ‘Rari, you still in the Civic

 Yeah, rollin’ around in my city, I feel like I’m Diddy

Yeah, all these nig*as they some suckers, I show ’em no pity Trippie Redd

“I was trapping, getting it by my ‘lone

Rocket got them pints for the low

Chris got the rocket, he gon’ blow.” Trippie Redd

“ Ayy, rule number one, never trust any bit*h

Get this green then smoke this green, gotta stay potent.” Trippie Redd

“ Fu*k your love, fu*k it, I don’t want any of it.” Trippie Redd

Hey, your love, is so amazing

It’s all I want, got a nig*a faded

Shawty on fire, and she really blazing’

Flames Armageddon, yelling Jesus save me. Trippie Redd

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