Early Presentations: Applications Preinstalled On iPhones Before Purchase

Preinstalled applications on an iPhone may take up a chunk of storage on every phone, but they do serve an important purpose. They establish the iPhone’s identity and provide convenience.


If you’re one of the savvier cinema files out there, chances are your iPhone came with a capable camera tool pre-loaded on board.

The device comes equipped with a wide-angle lens and is capable of shooting crisp 4K video. Additionally, it can also accommodate time-lapse sequences – offering a distinct advantage over comparable models on the market! All in all though – for the most part – it’s usually possible to manage without any additional add-ons.


If you’re an avid traveler, then chances are you’ve encountered the elusive compass before. Although it may seem like a rather rudimentary tool at first glance – simply pointing in any direction and determining which way is ‘up’ – its precision can be quite impressive when put to use!

Furthermore, the iPhone’s compass application comes preinstalled and hidden within Settings. To access it, simply swipe up from the bottom of your display while on an iPhone or pull down from the very top shelf if browsing on an iPad; both options yield the same result!

Once inside this menu, users can choose between two modes: normal mode and flight mode. The latter option protects them against any navigational mishaps during travel by preventing auto-rotation and limiting location services as well as providing assistance for those who find themselves lost along their journey.

The Weather App

The Weather App on the iPhone is pre-installed and provides users with a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand look at current weather conditions. The software uses real-time data from a weather API to provide accurate forecasts for the user’s current location as well as any other locations they may be interested in.

The app not only provides the current temperature, humidity, and wind speed but also displays a graphical representation of the forecast with hourly and daily temperature and precipitation estimates.

The app also allows users to create alerts for severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and extreme heat. A separate feature allows users to track the progress of storms and check the latest radar images.

They can also set up notifications to be sent when the weather changes, such as when it rains or becomes chilly. The app also includes options to share weather forecasts with friends and family and to save favorite locations for easy access.


The iPhone’s book application comes with a variety of features that make it an ideal platform for reading books. It allows users to browse through a large selection of both physical and digital books, and they can purchase them directly from the app. It also includes a library feature that allows users to keep track of their books.

The app also includes a night mode which dims the display to reduce eyestrain during night-time reading sessions. Users can select different fonts, colors, and text sizes to customize their reading experience. The app also allows users to highlight important passages, add notes, and bookmark pages for easy reference. Users can sync their bookmarks and notes across devices, so they can continue reading where they left off on any other device.


Maps is an essential application that comes preinstalled on every iPhone. This app is designed to offer turn-by-turn navigation to your destination, as well as offering alternate routes; allowing users to make decisions on where they would like to go based on potential detours along the way.

This application has been a staple of iOS devices since its debut. And yet, even though it plays such an essential role in providing users with directions across unfamiliar terrain and facilitating their travels around town, Maps isn’t infallible – occasionally showing incorrect or misleading information!

Unsurprisingly enough, the accuracy of maps can vary greatly depending on the region one is exploring. For instance, if you’re using an offline map, then you may find that it doesn’t provide accurate directions when you’re inside an area without any internet connectivity whatsoever. However, if you’re traveling within an area that has access to GPS signals then expect more accurate route plans to emerge.

Find My Friends

The Find my Friends app is an incredibly useful iPhone feature that allows users to easily locate and communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. First launched in 2011, this app has become an essential tool for many users who need to keep an eye on their loved ones.

It works by allowing users to share their current location with other users and allows them to track the location of their contacts. In addition, users can also set up notifications when a contact arrives or leaves a certain location.

The app also allows users to message each other and see when their contacts are online or unavailable. The app also includes a “Lost Mode” which can be used to track a lost device, as well as a “Safe Mode” which can be used to restrict a user’s location and data. By utilizing the Find my Friends app, users can always stay connected and informed about the whereabouts of their contacts. 

The app also integrates with the messaging and voice features of the iPhone, allowing users to stay in touch with their contacts in a variety of ways. There is also a “Share My Location” feature which allows users to share their location with specific contacts for a set period of time. This feature is especially useful for those who want to keep their loved ones informed of their whereabouts while traveling. 

These pre-installed applications and their features create a fun, useful, and incredibly unique experience for iPhone users.


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