5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Beer Keg Tap

The beer keg tap is an important component of the draft beer system. It’s kind of a key that opens up a keg and allows you to pour beer from the tap.

We have identified 5 main points that are worth knowing to every brewer who plans to purchase such equipment.

What is a beer keg tap made of?

Keg couplers are usually made of metal: stainless steel or brass. This material has a good service life and is also able to withstand keg pressure.

How does the keg coupler work?

Its main task is to push the beer out of the barrel when pressed onto the tap handle. The beverage inside the barrel is pressurized by carbon dioxide or nitrogen.  

When the handle is pressed down, the valve opens, which relieves part of the pressure. Carbon dioxide pressure pushes the drink up the beer line – to the beer tower, where it is poured into your glass. 

The valve has a shut-off valve which is controlled by a lever connected to the handle. When the tap lever goes up, the valve closes and the drink stops flowing.

How safe is the operation of such a device?

As you already understand, the contents of the barrel are under pressure, so working with this equipment requires compliance with certain rules.

Barrel connectors are equipped with pressure relief valves that ensure the reliable and safe operation of the device. 

Which type of coupling is better to choose?

There is no such thing as the best keg coupler. Different connectors are used for different varieties. Therefore, the best option is one that is compatible with your type of barrel.

Today there are 6 main types of couplings: 

  • D is the most popular model that works with Sankey barrel valves, in the USA.
  • U is suitable for European barrels. In particular, for those used for the Guinness storing.
  • S – like the D coupling, works with the valves for Sankey kegs. It differs from D in its shape: the D-type is wider and the S is thinner.
  • A is designed for slider kegs.
  • G is a triangular coupling. It is used in some European breweries.
  • M fits some German barrels.

Where can I order such equipment?

Consult the representatives of any popular brewery company. On the website of this brand, there are 6 kinds of beer keg taps, so you are sure to choose what is suitable for your draft beer system.


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