Why Does the Water Smell Like Bleach? What To Do If This Happens?

You must be pleased with the abundant water supply at your homes, but sometimes it smells like bleach. If you are constantly questioning yourself, “why does my water smell like bleach all the time?” then it is a severe issue to pay attention to.

Although bleach is not harmful for consumption in small proportion, it is undoubtedly harmful if you consume it regularly. The best decision will be to find ways to deal with it immediately. 

Why Does It Happen?

Recently, you may be asking yourself, “why does my water smell like bleach almost every
day?” or “Is it natural to smell like that?” “Is the consumption of bleach harmful?”- and tons of
other questions. Well, it is common for water to smell and taste like that, and it is mostly not
dangerous if you are not allergic to it.

However, there remains the question of why does it happen often? And the most straightforward answer is suppliers like municipalities, or other plants and companies choose bleach and chlorine as their most common disinfectants. Not only are they effective in killing germs and other microorganisms, but they also are very affordable.

If you wonder if chlorine and bleach are the same, they are not. Some companies produce bleach with chlorine, and others do not. Some suppliers opt for chlorine because it is readily available and equally effective.

There is no way to eliminate germs for large water-supplying plants than disinfectants. Otherwise, it can be harmful for consumption. Especially in countries like the United Kingdom and the USA, where people drink tap water, maintaining hygiene and quality becomes a priority. In such cases, the usage of disinfecting chemicals is very common. 

Is It Safe to Drink Chlorinated Liquid?

Even if the chlorinated liquid smells and tastes terrible, it is safe for consumption. There is nothing to worry about unless you have serious allergy issues or consume water with a strong bleach smell almost daily. You can call the municipality or supplier if you are worried about the matter and ask for a solution.

Ways to Deal with This Issue

Although people can manage a day or two drinking chlorinated water and complaining a thousand times to god why they have to bear this smell, there are ways to deal with this situation. 

  • You can first call the municipal suppliers, discuss your issue with them, and find out if they could help.
  • If this problem cannot be resolved quickly, you can install a small filter in your home and permanently get rid of such a problem. Also, the water you get from a purifier is undoubtedly the safest for consumption.
  • With readily available kits, you can also run a chlorine or bleach test at home. It will tell if the chemical levels are harmful or not.

Final Words

Consuming chlorinated water daily might harm human health. You may have to face specific side effects soon. To be sure, you can run tests at home or switch to permanent solutions like purifiers to say goodbye to these issues forever. 


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