What Are Whistleblowing and Whistleblowers Act

Whistleblowing and Whistleblowers. Whistleblowing is the act of reporting insider knowledge of illegal or unethical activities within an organization. Any individual who finds out about such activities in an organization can become a whistleblower. Usually, whistleblowers are employees, suppliers, clients, contractors, etc.

Although whistleblowing is beneficial to highlight wrongdoings, it can have serious consequences for the whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are also awarded by the “Company Heads”, in order to create motivation in the organization. Good employees are always in the support of their companies.

The law on financial crimes, known as Dubai Law No. 4 of 2016, discusses whistleblower protection in Dubai. It is very important that such disclosure is completely true and that there are no false claims.

Such disclosures can endanger the economic security of Dubai and these have to be reported to the Dubai Centre of Economic Security. In case the disclosure is found to be true and none of the information is found to be fabricated, the whistleblower is protected against any possible retaliation.

Additionally, according to the UAE Penal Code, all individuals are required to report any sort of criminal activity. However, whistleblowers usually do not have any incentive to report wrongdoings and are sometimes reluctant to report wrongdoings.

Legal Aid for the Whistleblowers

Lawyers in Dubai are fully equipped to handle cases on behalf of whistleblowers so that they do not suffer any harm at the hands of the organization in which they are accused of wrongdoing.

There are a lot of legalities surrounding whistleblowing and it is very important to consult a legal professional to understand all the aspects of becoming a whistleblower.

The consequences of whistleblowing not only impact the whistleblower in the short run but have major consequences in the long run as well.

In order to choose a whistleblower lawyer, it is important to consider someone who has relevant experience and is aware of the latest laws and regulations.

Additionally, the lawyer should have adequate analytical skills to identify relevant information and prepare a strong case accordingly. Many lawyers in Dubai have the experience and the analytical skills to handle a whistleblower case. However, a critical element in the case of whistleblowing is that the lawyer should be aware of all the risks and should be able to guide their client keeping in mind all the risks and their consequences.

Legal Complications or Cases can also be lodged by the people working in the company who are pointed out by a “Whistleblower”. Then UAE Law protects the Whistleblower and creates legal protection of such employees. These employees are known as “Whistleblowers” also play a good role to protect the rights of the country. Hope you understand the Whistleblowing and Whistleblowers act now.


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