Best Steven Universe Quotes and Sayings [2021]

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Best Steven Universe quotes also included images also. You are on the right article if you are looking for Steven universe quotes and sayings. It’s very difficult to narrow down our favorite quotes from the steven universe series so you can check yourself and decide.

Steven Universe is also another American famous animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar follows the adventures of young half-gem, Steven. He with his team of magical “Crystal Gems,” set out on an endless hunt to protect the universe together.

Their mission always perforates through life lessons on friendship and love. So we often get to hear pretty insightful stuff. Read these quotes and share your favorite quotes on social media or use them as a WhatsApp status.

Best Steven Universe Quotes [2021]

“This table has corn on it and it’s beautiful and we’ll defend it!.”

“I have to burn this. *unfurls scroll with mystic symbols* Steven: Cool! *takes a picture with his smartphone* *takes phone* I have to burn this, too.”

“There are millions of possibilities for the future! But it’s up to you to choose which becomes reality”

best Steven universe quotes

“Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time and love takes work. At the very least, you have to “know the other person. And you literally have no idea who or what I am.”

“All comedy is derived from fear.”

“I’m combining all my responsibilities into one responsibility”

“Ya know, if you just let everyone be whoever they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are too.”

“You do realize that I spent the last few months trapped under the ocean, right?”

“I don’t understand your human relationships. So, um… goodbye!.”

“Everybody needs a comfy space to cry!”

“Don’t worry, I fixed that too! I can fix anything! I can just keep messing up, and fixing things forever, and you’ll never have to know or think about any of it!”

“You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good experience.”

“Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”

“If you’re evil, and you’re on the rise You can count on the four of us taking you down ‘Cause we’re good and evil never beats us We’ll win the fight and then go out for pizzas.”

Funny Steven Universe Quotes

“The bar was bursting with guys tonight – seriously, it was like Muscles R Us up in here, all filled-out chests and bulging arms with biceps on biceps.”

“The gift of salvation set me free from all my sins.”

Funny Steven Universe Quotes

“What your mind sees when you close your eyes marks the entrance to an endless universe: your imagination.”

“Faith is not a notion, but a real strong essential hunger, an attracting or magnetic desire of Christ, which as it proceeds from a seed of the divine nature in us, so it attracts and unites with its like.”

“Humor does not diminish the pain – it makes the space around it get bigger.”

Garnet Steven Universe Quotes

“There are millions of possibilities for the future! But it’s up to you to choose which becomes reality” -Garnet.

“For a fusion to work, there needs to be balanced. An imbalance can cause your fusion to lose touch with reality, see things that aren’t there, and eventually, fall apart.” – Garnet

“All comedy is derived from fear.” -Garnet

Garnet Steven Universe Quotes

“You are an experience. Make sure you’re a good experience.” -Garnet

“Stevonnie, listen to me. You are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience! Make sure you’re a good experience. Now… Go!… Have!… Fun!” – Garnet

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