4 Signs You Need an Experienced Consumer Fraud Attorney

The 2021 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book reports an increase in consumer fraud cases compared to previous years. It’s important to note that many fraud incidents go unreported.

If you see any unexplained transactions or recurring charges on your bank statement that seem suspicious, it could be a sign of fraud and should be looked into. Below are 4 signs you need an experienced consumer fraud attorney.

You Have Been Charged

There are many kinds of fraud offenses, and most fall under the umbrella term “consumer fraud.” Consumer fraud includes a broad array of behaviors such as false advertising, unfair or deceptive business practices, high-pressure sales tactics, telemarketing scams, reselling of products, identity theft, and more.

A few telltale signs that you may be a victim of consumer fraud include: Receiving financial statements, invoices, or bills in the mail that you have not paid or not received at all—unusual changes in your bank or credit card balances.

If you spot any odd charges on your credit or debit card statement, particularly for smaller sums you don’t remember authorizing, it could indicate that someone is experimenting to determine the extent to which they can illegally obtain funds.

If you have been a victim of a consumer fraud scheme, it is important to take immediate action. An experienced consumer fraud attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve from the perpetrators of these fraudulent schemes. Class action lawsuits are an effective tool for consumers to recover their losses, as they allow a group of people to file a claim against a business engaging in a deceptive practice.

You Have Been Suspected of a Crime

A consumer fraud attorney can help you file a complaint against businesses that violate federal or state laws. These complaints can lead to class action lawsuits, resulting in favorable financial outcomes for customers.

Consumer fraud refers to various dishonest business practices or actions that harm customers or consumers. This may encompass withholding crucial information in advertisements, making false claims about products, providing misleading information, etc.

The most frequent instances of consumer fraud involve companies offering products that do not perform as advertised, auto salespeople failing to reveal recall details, and insurance policies with complex language.

Other types of consumer fraud are fake charity scams, identity theft, robocalls, credit card and debit scams, debt collection scams, and Ponzi schemes (also known as pyramid schemes). Reporting any consumer fraud you have experienced is important because it helps prevent others from becoming victimized. 

Additionally, you should consult your attorney before leaving the state or country. You will need to attend all court proceedings. This includes being subpoenaed to testify on the evidence in your case.

In addition, your attorney will cross-examine witnesses to discredit their testimony and prevent them from incriminating you. In addition, they will help you gather any records related to the case, including medical or police reports.

You Have Been Accused of a Crime

Experiencing false accusations of a crime is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon, and it can be frustrating to go through the legal process of proving your innocence when you only want to clear your name. Whether or not you are innocent, working with a consumer fraud lawyer is important if you have been falsely accused of any crime. Often, an accusation will lead to stress for you and your loved ones, and it could affect the course of your life and your livelihood.

False accusations can occur for many reasons, including police or prosecutor misconduct, a desire to gain a reputation for “law and order,” or misleading forensic evidence. In addition, the alleged victim may blame themselves for trusting or being too naive, and they may withdraw financial or emotional support from friends and family.

If you have been accused of a fraud crime, an attorney can help you gather and document any evidence that may support your innocence. For instance, if there is any physical proof, such as a witness who can testify that you were somewhere else during the incident, you must collect this and give it to your lawyer immediately. Also, if any video footage can refute the claims, get a hold of it.

Consumer fraud law firms can also help you if businesses have scammed you, from a company not disclosing fees on their products or services to more serious scams like Ponzi schemes and investment fraud. Often, when consumers realize they have been defrauded, it is too late, and they have already sustained financial losses.

You’re Experiencing Financial Loss

An experienced consumer fraud attorney can help you seek compensation for your financial losses. They will review your case and determine what legal options are available, such as class action lawsuits that allow a group of victims to file a lawsuit against deceptive businesses together.

A financial loss can devastate your life, and it’s important to take the time to assess the extent of the loss. You may need to consult with a financial counselor or advisor to create a plan for moving forward, including rebuilding your retirement savings, decreasing spending, and minimizing interest expenses.

It would help to consider the potential impact on your tax situation. If you’ve lost money through fraud, your losses may be deductible on your income taxes. Depending on the extent of your losses, you may be able to recover compensatory and punitive damages. If you have a taxable loss, it’s important to report it. This will help prevent future victims from suffering the same traumatic experience. You can report consumer fraud at the federal level through the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or at the state level through your local attorney general’s office.


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