5 Signs You Need A Firm Mattress

A bad nap can be directly linked to a bad sleep environment. Your mattress is the foundation of your sleep space and plays the foremost role in the execution of good quality sleep. Choosing a firm mattress is necessary to help with your bad posture and back pain.

Sleep experts suggest that bad sleep leads to various problems from poor sleep to weak memory and concentration, bad immune system functioning, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. A mattress that fails to provide good quality sleep will definitely contribute to aches and pains in your body the next day. This is an important issue, especially for people who live with chronic pain and sleep disorders.

Investing with knowledge and money in a quality mattress is one of the core ways to promote better sleep and improve your physical and mental health. Here are signs that show you might need to get a firmer mattress.

5 signs you should get a firmer mattress

Bad posture and back pain

A soft or uneven mattress puts a huge amount of unnecessary stress on your spine as it is unable to maintain a neutral position, and it causes back pain. If the mattress is too soft you can start hurting your spine sooner than you realize. A mattress that is too hard causes a lot of joint pressure. Sleep doctors suggest going for a medium-firm mattress to help with all these back-related problems. A Mattress that is unable to provide adequate support to your back is bad for your posture. 

A bad nap can be directly linked to a bad sleep environment. Your mattress is the foundation of your sleep space and plays the foremost role in the execution of good quality sleep. Choosing a firmness level like that of Big Fig’s firmness is necessary to help with your bad posture and back pain


Inadequate quality of sleep will usually leave you feeling tired and drowsy. Sometimes your mattress hinders your ability to fall asleep, it could have a negative effect on your vigilance throughout the day.

It is normal to feel a little dozy specifically late in the evening but an extreme amount of drowsiness is not normal. If you are unable to fall asleep easily on your mattress, it will result in you feeling extremely tired during the day.

Sleeping on an uneven bed, your body might not be getting the amount of restful sleep it needs in order to wake up feeling vitalized. Tumbling, twitching, turning, and shifting all through the night are all signals that your body is looking for a comfortable sleeping position. If there are no cozy, supportive corners to be found, it’s better to find a different mattress.

The approximate time that a person takes to fall asleep is about 20 minutes at night.  It is unnatural to take an hour or two to fall asleep. REM sleep plays an essential role in our overall health. If you’re not getting the necessary amount of it or getting an unnatural number of obstructions that will compound slowly, forming much bigger problems. You need to find a solution to feel more active in the morning.

Weak memory

During your sleep cycle, the hippocampus I’m your brain replays the events of the day. Then the neocortex in your brain, reviews and processes memories, helping them to last for the long term.

There is a huge range of memories. Memories can be based on facts, for example, remembering things like names. Then there are memories based on episodes that happened in your life, for example, a certain place you used to live in. Also, there are instructional memories, for example how to cook noodles.

Acquisition of memories and recalling them is the functions of memories that take place when you are awake. Although sleep experts say that sleep is required for the integration of memories. With an inadequate amount of sleep, it becomes difficult for your brain to absorb and recall new information.

Sleep plays a fundamental role in creating memories. When you’re sleep-deprived, you won’t just fail to recall memories – you’re also less likely to form memories in order to remember the events that happen to you at that time.

Everyone should change their mattress every seven to eight years. As you don’t replace your mattress every year, it’s totally worth opting for something higher quality that will help you tackle all these problems. Saving a little is outweighed by spending eons of years disturbing your nap.

An adequate amount of sleep does more than sharpen the mind. Good sleep affects physical reflexes, motor skills, and judgment skills positively. A firm mattress helps with all of this.


A too-soft or hard mattress can cause discomfort to the body during your nap time which leads to waking up again and again during the night. This poor sleep quality has bad effects on your physical and mental health.

The restorative benefits of quality sleep are unmatched. When sleeping, your body is continuously working towards repairing tissues, taking out toxins, and restoration of memories. Good sleep promotes healthy emotional functioning and aids the efficient processing of information.

Persistent sleep deprivation and insomnia can lead to other more serious health problems. Mattresses are of various types there are different designs and materials. It is important that the mattresses chosen are of good quality.

Neck pain

You should give good thought to your body position while you sleep or the kind of mattress you use. Both your sleeping position and mattress can cause your stiff, sore neck, and also lead to a lot of other types of pain.

A person’s head and neck spend the whole night on their mattress. If you want a healthy, pain-free neck you need to think about your mattress carefully. A mattress that is not capable of supporting your head and neck creates tension in your neck muscles and causes neck pain.


After a tough and stressful day, all brains deserve a good night’s rest. Both our body and mind relax during the night, you can’t deny the power of a sound sleep as it regenerates your physical and mental power to be productive the next day.

Good sleep can optimize our health which can be incredibly beneficial to our mental, emotional and physical health. Hence, everyone should invest in a comfortable and firm mattress sooner than later.


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