Major reasons For Constipation In Men

Constipation is one of the most common digestive disorders around the world. It is mainly
characterized by hard, dry bowel movements.

The following reasons can make an individual suffer from constipation:

Influence of diet and overall lifestyle

If a person is suffering from constipation, there is a high probability that the individual’s gut is
not in a good relationship with that person’s lifestyle. The most common causes behind
constipation include poor diet and lack of physical activity.

Several factors such as intake of inadequate water, drinking too much alcohol or caffeinated
beverages, Lack of exercise or no exercise, not enough high-fiber foods in the diet, having heavy diets including red meats and dairy products as well as processed foods with high fat and sugar content, etc. can effectively make an individual constipated.

Underlying medical conditions

Sometimes it is highly likely that even after making changes to diet and lifestyle, some
individuals still don’t get any kind of relief. In this scenario, gut health may be affected by any
other underlying disease inside the body.


When the thyroid gland cannot produce enough amount of hormones, it shows a drastic impact on metabolic activity. A diminished metabolism results in a slowing down of the digestive machinery which ultimately leads to constipation. Cenforce 100 may be effective here to stimulate blood flow and metabolism.


This is also a hormone-related health issue. In this case, one’s body stops the production of
enough amount of insulin hormone. As a result, the body gets unable to break down. The sugar molecules in the blood.

The higher level of blood sugar typically seen in the case of diabetes can result in nerve
damage, known as ‘diabetic neuropathy. If such damages occur to the nerves which control the digestive tract, it can cause constipation.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome can also be a reason behind constipation. The root causes of this
disease are still not well understood. But, it is thought that it arises when gut-brain
communication is majorly hampered.


When a person is stressed out, the body dips into ‘flight’ mode. In this scenario, the
sympathetic nervous system in the body gets activated. This indicates that the digestive system gets put on hold from normal functioning.
In a few cases where anxiety doesn’t go away easily, it may cause great damage to an
individual’s digestive system. A common cause of anxiety in men is erectile dysfunction.


Depression is also one of the causes of constipation. People who are fighting against depression might stay all day long in bed and have a very low amount of physical activity. Bad sex life often leads to depression in many cases.

It has also been seen that such people eat a lot of junk foods containing high amounts of sugar or fat, while sometimes they don’t even eat at all. So, this kind of disbalance may lead to constipation-related health issues.

Other conditions

In some cases, health problems related to the brain or other nervous systems can affect the
nerves present in the gut. This causes an inhibitory effect on the muscles in the intestines to
contract and contribute to moving stool.

On the other hand, if a tumor is possibly blocking the bowel, it can also lead to constipation. In
most such conditions, constipation is not the only issue. Among other conditions that might
result in constipation include bowel cancer, stroke, the high calcium content in the bloodstream, bowel obstruction, neurodegenerative disorders, etc.


Many women suffer from constipation during their pregnancy. This mainly happens due to the production of an excessive amount of progesterone. This hormone reduces the contracting ability of the intestinal muscles.


There are many instances where constipation does not occur from the underlying medical
condition, but rather due to the medications one individual use to treat diseases. Some
medications that have an effective role in causing constipation are:

calcium channel blockers are used to treat heart diseases and high blood pressure, different
painkillers such as morphine, antacids containing higher calcium content, and diuretics which are used for the unnecessary fluid filtration from the bloodstream to help the kidneys, some antidepressants, medications used to treat Parkinson’s disease, anti-cholinergic drugs used for the treatment of muscle spasms, some supplements for treatment of anemia, some agents to treat diarrhea, etc.

If a person experiences constipation and major bowel changes with chronic constipation,
he/she should look after the diet primarily and must consider consulting with the doctor.
Constipation is such a problem that can snatch your happiness fully. So, it is very much essential to look after it with a serious view.


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