Top 5 Lead Generation Tactics for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, it’s important to have multiple lead generation tactics. What worked for you last month might not work this week, so it’s always good to keep trying new ideas.

So how to get real estate leads? Farming is a great way to generate leads by increasing your name recognition in one specific area. This can be done through targeted marketing and community involvement.

Social Media

Almost half of homebuyers start their property search online, highlighting the growing trend toward digital marketing for real estate. To generate new leads, agents must be able to attract the attention of buyers and sellers online.

One way to do so is by creating local expertise content. You can showcase your expertise while connecting with potential clients by writing blog articles about the schools, restaurant recommendations, yearly events, and other community activities in an area.

Another option is to host a real estate webinar. This type of event is less intrusive than direct marketing, and it can help you connect with leads in a more comfortable setting.

Finally, if you want to target specific types of buyers and sellers, try social media ads. These can be very cost-effective and provide great ROI for your business. However, it’s important to track metrics carefully and measure the quality of your social media interactions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Real estate SEO is a long-term strategy to increase your website’s visibility, boost traffic, and generate leads. It involves optimizing your content to target specific keywords. This includes writing informative, helpful articles that dig deeply into topics prospective buyers and sellers want to learn about. You should also include your keywords in each article’s title and meta description. Be careful not to overdo your keyword use, however. If Google detects you are trying to game the system by overusing keywords, it will penalize your site.

Another way to bolster your real estate SEO is to use a predictive analysis platform. This technology scours the Internet and multiple listing services to find property owners looking to sell. It then sends those leads directly to you. You can also implement schema markup on your website to amplify the SEO potential of your content and listings.

Direct Mail

Whether you’re new to real estate or a seasoned agent, it’s important to incorporate an effective lead-generation process into your marketing strategy. From casting a wide net to target prospective buyers and sellers to focusing on a specific geographic area with geo farming, the following tactics will help you keep your real estate leads coming in.

Create a blog to showcase your local expertise and draw in prospects. Write articles about schools, restaurants, yearly events, and more to generate traffic and build authority for your brand.

Consider a webinar, an online seminar that allows you to speak with potential clients while they listen and ask questions. This tactic is particularly useful for attracting FSBO (for sale by owner) prospects. You can also use a PR release to generate leads by showcasing your success as a real estate agent.

Paid Search

Real estate agents need to maintain a steady flow of leads. But, when there is a winter lull or market fluctuation, it can be difficult to keep a steady stream of prospects coming in.

One way to do this is by using a lead generation platform for real estate. These tools scour the Internet and find potential leads looking to sell their home. They also offer other tools to help nurture and manage these leads through the sales funnel.

Another option is to use a predictive analysis tool. This type of software uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to comb through data points to find the leads that are most likely to sell.

A real estate agent can contact the local community by contributing to industry publications. This can help establish them as an expert in their field and generate new business.

360-Degree Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a great way to showcase properties online, offering an immersive and interactive experience for potential buyers and renters. By incorporating them into your marketing strategy, you can attract, engage, and convert more leads into paying customers. By tracking metrics such as website traffic and lead conversions, you can optimize your virtual tours for better results.

One way to collect leads through virtual tours is by using forms to capture contact information from users as they enter the experience. By displaying a form prominently on the front page of your virtual tour, you can boost conversions by 2x or 8x.

You can also use forms to qualify leads by asking questions about their needs, preferences, and budget. This will allow you to personalize follow-up emails and offers accordingly. Additionally, you can use live chat to enhance customer service and increase engagement with your virtual tours.

Facebook Ads

Real estate agents can utilize Facebook’s ad platform to generate leads and promote listing videos. The platform also offers a “What’s my home worth” bar and a contact form that can be embedded in ads.

Some real estate agents use predictive analysis tools to nudge prospective buyers and sellers who may be interested in their market area. This is a great way to grow your business without investing too much time or energy.

Social media marketing is an important part of any lead-generation strategy. It allows you to target specific geographic areas and people based on unique interests. For example, you can create a “buying a new home” ad that targets women in their 30s and 40s. 


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