Tips On How to Live Your Best Life Now [2023]

This is How to Live Your Best Life every day from the Moment You Wake Up. Some people wake up in a great mood and ready to take on the world. Others wake up feeling sluggish and heavy. If you have a bad morning, you have a bad day.

The way you use your time when you first wake up can determine how your day will go—whether it will be happy or stressful, productive or not, successful or not. It’s possible to make this experience better by changing how we view it and what we do with our time in the morning.

“Do you know how to live your best life?” is the question that Derek Sivers, author of “This Is How You Will Live Your Best Life,” poses to his readers.

His answer is simple: “Be the person you are. This can be attained by making more time for what makes you happy, being present in every moment, grateful for what you have, and being kind to others.” These are just some of the ideas that Sivers provides his readers within his book.

Sivers also offers various methods for implementing these ideas and ways to find and use your own life-happiness system. He argues that everyone should find their own way to be happy because there is no “one size fits all.”

Why You Should Start Your Day with a Positive Approach

“Start your day with a positive mindset.” – Unknown

It’s never too late to organize the life of your dreams. The first step is to start each new day with positivity. By focusing on the good things in life, you are more likely to have an overall happier existence. If you are struggling to find happiness, try surrounding yourself with people who can help you become a better version of yourself.

The Mantra of Happiness That Will Make Your Day Terribly Unhappy

Happiness has become a commodity to be bought in the form of self-help books, podcasts, and blogs.

But what if it’s not actually attainable? What if all this positivity is just a lie?

After all, depression is rising, and it’s doubtful that people are genuinely getting happier.

Dr. Kelly McGonigal shows us how these mantras are harming our mental health in this TED talk she gave back in 2009.

5 Simple Ways On How to Live Your Best Life Now.

Have you ever felt as if you were losing yourself in the name of something more significant? Perhaps it was a request or hope or fear, but whatever it was, it left you wondering, “If I lived my best life, who would be my real me?”

The five quick tips on living your best life below will help you answer that question. Let’s dive right in.

Listen Intently

In past years, listening has been taught to be a passive state. Everything from the first word you utter to the last word you say needs to be listened to. It’s time to pay attention to what’s being stated to you if you’ve created concentration around listening to what’s being said.

It would be easy to say, “I listen to what I want to hear,” but where will that take us? Having focus is key to a successful life, and your focus should be on yourself instead of how to fit in.

Imagine how things could work if we built on the values our parents instilled in us. It would be amazing to acquire a new perspective that views true meaning within the future. You don’t need to live like a picture-book royalty to move on. You will have trouble understanding this lesson if you do not first know what you will think about it.

Admittedly, this sounds difficult. The natural tendency is to slide down the rabbit hole of the past. It is rarely a good idea to shy away from challenges. Our most incredible opportunities lie within the process.

Step Up To Build A Better World

This might seem very simple, but you have to create the space and time to look at your impact on others. Start small. Those Close to you might ask, “What do you need to do to help?” Keep in mind that this is a choice you make every day.

If you choose not to help, you can still live a good life by taking the time to fix things, which will be even better than whatever good you decide to do. For example, you can make a little plant that keeps the energy in, preventing the sun from going to waste.

You can make $100 a week, saving money on all those popcorn snacks you have. You can even visit the local hospital and spend your time talking to those in need. And you can do all these things in your home without even being home!

But where is that decision made? By giving up a part of yourself that should always be honored and looking beyond yourself to create a better world?

The best gift you can give to those around you is your voice and actions. We create a better world by telling stories that can unite us, not divide us.


Constant negative peer pressure will prevent us from living as we wish to live. Who do we listen to? Those tell us to focus our energy and our lives on helping others and making friends with them.

Everything we encounter in our lives should remind us of how small we are. There is a point when we can stop comparing ourselves with others. It will not stop us from feeling bad.

Our role is to help the person in front of us. Everything in life will begin or end at that particular moment. We can’t base our future on what we are looking at around us.

Make Gratitude A Habit

This one might be confusing at first. “I am grateful” sounds contradictory to everything we are supposed to be grateful for. Thanks to the president, you’ve just been reminded of what I considered: Life as a job!

We’re not sitting around just waiting for our next paycheck. We are taking action to make a better world. The president’s budget fails to even consider the needs of our neighbors in our nation. Keep eating bagged lunches when you’re supposed to be working at your part-time job. Start that window washer business.

At some point, your deeds will speak louder than any words. Most of our actions aren’t in service of a more significant cause. It is our values that truly move us. It can be a little confusing and even painful to see things from a different perspective.

Try it today. If you’re unable to make the process of life more meaningful and more powerful for yourself, try to make it meaningful and more powerful for someone else.

Our goal is to become better human beings who put others ahead of us. For our own lives, we have to make our values so much better than others.

Live Elementary life’s

For the best results, these steps take patience, and you will need to find them within yourself. Often, I get so negative about everything that happens that I cannot see it clearly. The guidance I receive comes in the form of hostile intentions and thoughts.

When you are busy with other sides, you forget to appreciate what you have, which doesn’t mean others. Take time and realize to focus on simple things also. Even though you feel you are going down, there is also something to be grateful for.


Live each day as it counts your last day, and must remember one thing it’s your own choice. Your life is very unique for you, not for others, so do not compare it with others. Your focus should be on living your best life and enjoying the learning, experience, and exploration along the way. I hope you got all your points on How to Live Your Best Life.

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