5 Social Media Content Hacks to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

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With the competitive demands for new content every day, it becomes challenging to come up with brainstorming ideas. It becomes very important for the successful establishment of an online presence.

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So you cannot ignore social media as it is one of the major key factors for the success of your campaign online.
You can anytime take help from the nearest social media advertising company after learning all the fundamentals mentioned below and how they can help you in near future.

Let’s see why do we need to create a powerful  influence on social media, 

  • Around 4 million people every day using social media for chatting, posting, and other stuff.
  • On average a person spends 2-3 hours every day on social media 
  • More than 50% of the customers surf online before making their buying decision

Since social media has a domineering influence on the lives o  people, it becomes extremely important to drive your social media presence to greater heights for more profits, you need to find ways to make it happen.

 Let’s learn some hacks that will increase your brand image, and will inspire you for the quality post.

1. Content according to user 

Coming up with content that is based on the needs of the audience is the real meaning of content,  it includes using images and reviews of testimonials.

It not only reduces pressure on the creator to come up with new ideas day by day but also serves as a driving factor in social media growth. When the content is used effectively it is likely to increase your social media presence by more than 40 percent and is more likely to increase the traffic and the sales of your company.

To come up with content according to the demand of the users you need to have a  strategy to take maximum benefit out of it.

 Here are some tips that will help to strategize your action.

Tip 1.  Using cohley

Cohely enables the users to plan and design user-generated content through an easy-to-use platform. With Conley’s tool, you can track the ROI and get connected to the experienced craters, who can help you with the content.

Tip2.   Use hashtag 

 Using a hashtag encourages the users to share the content with the hashtag users can share pictures and videos. This will drive your hashtag to trend which can help you to enhance customer engagement and in return, it creates brand awareness.

2. Diversify your content assets

Diversifying your content assets means increasing the likelihood of the social media content that will be of more value to more members of your audience. Creation of new content for the organization may feel daunting. Here are some tips that you can use 

Tip 1.  Using tools 

Using tools like cohley can help you meet your content needs. Cohley gives you a platform that helps you create virtual assets, turn product reviews into compelling social media assets, and much more. 

Tip 2.  Trying new medium 

If you’ve been using the same old content types, consider changing the strategy, try mixing the new contents to incorporate new models. Consider using polls and videos. blogs, infographics, and more.

3. Use go live features 

As an estimation, a person spends 2-3 hours every day on social media surfing videos.  But how can your brand get in on this massive digital consumption?

By going live through zoom,  Facebook, Instagram,  allows your followers to interact with you in real-time. Here are some tips that you can execute while going live next time 

Hack 1. Promote the live stream 

If the audience doesn’t know you are going live, how will they attend it? Be sure to promote specific details like Date, time, platform, and also other exciting details about life. Promote your live stream on various other platforms. This way you can increase the impact of your live stream.

Hack 2. Engagement  plan

People attend your life to learn more specific details about the company, by interacting with the brand they get answers to other questions. 

To ensure smooth interaction, the company should beforehand set aside the question and strategically prepare the answers the audience may ask.

The company can also foster a community for greater inclusion of the attendees. This way the live stream helps you to interact in real-time gets benefits that pre-filmed video does not offer.

4. Cohesive campaigns 

We already know different channels have different audiences and they have different requirements and expectations. So when you craft a social media campaign you tell them a unified story that does not bore them.

Then the content of the campaign should be very systematically aligned but presented differently on different platforms.

Some tips that can help to succeed

Tip 1.   Use tools 

We have some tools that can help you craft your social media campaign. Some of them are 

Canva:  it helps you build beautiful graphics, regardless of your skill level 

Meet Edgar: this platform helps you by creating possibilities of social media content share

Tip 2.  Identify correct performance indicators

To know if you are achieving your campaign goal, you need to assess the metric attributed to each channel that helps you determine and measure your success.

5. Lower cost to utilize it somewhere else 

Since we already know the cost associated with the social media content on asset creation, it’s time to discuss the financial cost.  Creating new assets is an extremely budget taxing process 

Let’s learn some tips 

Tip 1.  Using cohley 

Using cohley does not only allows you access their incredible platform but also saves kM content creation. The app helps you determine where to use your budget, to have greater optimization of your available funds. Provides its est financial assistance to help you increase your return on investment.

Tip 2.  Viewing everyone as a writer 

An organization that doesn’t have a dedicated writer and relies on freelancers for its content creation, has a great opportunity to reduce its content creation cost.

Talk to the subject experts about the issues and ask for their assistance in solving them. Turn down the conversation into blogs or create new content assets that can be used as social media content without retaining the service of the writer.


Plan accordingly and with the above-mentioned strategies and by taking help f rom one of the best players at this game that is Incrementors Marketing will help you skyrocket your business to a whole new level.

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